1. How to register as a new player?


     You can register in the game by; 

  • Opening the app Draw N Guess

  • Give your existing E-mail address in the "E-mail" box

  • A unique username for the game in the "Username" box

  • And a password in the "Password" box

  • Then simply click "Create" button and enjoy the game

2. How to login if you are an existing player?

     If you are a returning player, open the game 

  • Click on the "Log in"  button below

  • Now provide your registered username in the "Username" box

  • And password in the "Password" box

  • Then simply click on the "Log in" button and enjoy the game

3. How to add friends in the game?

     You can add your friends to the friend's list by;

  • Opening the app Draw n Guess

  • Click on your profile in the top left corner

  • In the profile screen, click on the "Friends" button

  • Type your friend's unique Username in the "Search Friends" box

  • Then add him/her to your friend's list

4. How to remove players from the friend’s list?

     Follow the steps below to remove a friend:

  •  Open the game, click on your profile icon in the top left corner

  •  Tap on the Friends button

  •  Long press on the friend you want to remove

  •  A red minus button appears on top of your friends profile icon and just tap on the minus button

  •  Popup appears on the screen 

  •  Then click on "UNFRIEND" 

5. How to change Avatars?

     To change avatars

  • Go to Profile screen by clicking on your picture in the top left corner of the screen

  • In the profile screen, click on "Change" button

  • You can choose from list of avatars 

6. How to block other players?

      If any of the other players are abusive or behaving inappropriately inside the game. You can block them by;

  • Clicking on the Silver score button on right side middle end of the drawing space(while playing)

  • Click on the "Block" button which is found beside the profile of the player you want to block

  • After that, He/She won't appear in any of your games or trouble you

7. How to report players if they are abusive?

      If any of the other players are abusive or behaving inappropriately inside the game, you can report them by

  • Clicking the Red Exclamation icon on the right bottom corner of the drawing area (while playing) 

  • If you report abusive players we will look into it and take necessary actions on the toxic players

8. What is Life on the top bar?

     Each game we play will consume one of the Lifes(Heart) on the top bar. If we win the game we'll get the life back else we'll lose the life. Lost life will take 5 min to replenish. So if all the lives are lost, we should wait for few mins to replenish the life before we can play the next game.

9. How to play Local Wifi game?

      In Local Wifi, we can play the game without internet just simply by connecting to same Wifi network.

  • All your friends should be connected to same Wifi network

  • Then ask all of your friends to open the game and click on the "Local Game"

  • Wait for some time, you will see your friends in Wi-Fi

  • Now, you can choose one of the players and click on "Join" button to add him/her

  • Once all of your friends have joined, the game will automatically start in few seconds

10. How to change the username?

      There is no option to change the username as of now. But in upcoming days, we'll surely take up your suggestion and try to implement it. We'll let you know once the update has been done.

For now, you can just reinstall the game and create a new account. Else, clear data following the below instructions, then restart the app and create the new account.

  • Go to Settings > Applications & Parental Controls > Manage Applications.

  • Tap on the app Draw N Guess

  • Click on Clear Data

11. How to reset the password if you have forgotten?

       If you have forgotten the password, follow the steps below;

  • Click on the “Forgot Password” button

  • Enter your existing E-mail id in the “E-mail” box

  • Message will be sent to your E-mail id having reset password link 

  • Click on the reset password link and enter the new password and click on the “Change Password” button

  • Now, login to the game entering the new password 

12. How to remove ads?


       Ads will be removed if you do any in-app purchase in the game.

13. I am guessing the correct word first but others are getting my points. Why?

      When two or more people are guessing the word at the same time, the game may sometimes recognize you as the winner. But we'll be awarding the points only for those who will have guessed the word first through the server time. So, points will always be awarded correctly to the player who guesses the word first.

14. Can we make our picture as the profile icon?

We are very sorry to say this, there is no option to use your photo to make it as your profile icon. As some of the abusive players may use your picture for the wrong purpose. So, we don't have such option in our game. If people have logged in using the facebook account, the profile icon will be their Facebook profile picture. If you want to make the profile icon as your picture then log in with the Facebook account. If you want to log in with Facebook, just click on the "log in with Facebook" button. You'll be automatically connected with Facebook. Now, go to change avatar. There you can find your Facebook profile picture as one of the avatars and set it as your profile picture.

15. How to Redeem the coins in an Android phone?

      Follow the steps below to Redeem the coins;

  •  Click on the "SHOP" button

  •  Then click on the Coupons button 

  •  Now, enter the COUPON CODE:xxxxxxxxxxxx and click on the "Redeem" button.

16. How to redeem the coins for an iPhone user?

We apologize for a very late response. As you are an iPhone user, you don't have an option of coupons. So, kindly try with any Android phone and follow the steps below:

1. Uninstall the app in iPhone

2. Open Android version of Draw N Guess

3. Login with the same account that you were using before in your iPhone

4. Now, follow the steps to redeem the coins

a) Click on the "SHOP" button

b) Then click on the Coupons button

c) Now, enter the COUPON CODE:xxxxxxxxxxxxx and click on the "Redeem" button.

5. After you finish these steps, uninstall the app Draw N Guess from Android

6. Install the game in iPhone now

7. Again, login with the same account

8. Now the coins will be redeemed into your account.